How can we contribute for the real needy people?

Question: When I come across old and disabled people who are begging I do feel empathy towards them and give some money. But after meeting one after the other such people, empathy starts slowing down-thinking for how many people we can contribute like this and I just move on. In mind momentarily I feel guilty for not helping them. It is difficult for me to judge who are really in need? And who are begging just because they are lazy to work.   Please let me know how can we contribute for the real needy people?

Answer: We are glad to know that you have empathy for beggars. It means you are able to imagine their sufferings, feelings and experiences etc., you are able to identify with them. Empathy will broaden your heart with compassion and forgiveness.
No doubt beggars are always greedy. But whatever is possible for you to donate, within your limit, please do it without expectation of anything in return and hatred. Swami Vivekananda has taught us, “ serve the Daridra Narayanas seeing God in them. That is Shiva jnane jiva Seva”.
Please note that whatever service you are doing for poor is for purification of your own mind. Even if you do not help them, Lord will take care of them as he has been doing all these days.