Relationship between Maya and Brahman


Jnana Yog

Message: Namaskar Swamiji,

I recently read the book Jnana Yog and Karma Yog by Swami Vivekanandji.I was deeply inspired by the books. And I’ve a few queries about the philosophy of Advaita. I couldn’t comprehend the relation of Maya with Brahman. Is it a part of Brahman or is it seperate. If it is seperate from Brahman , won’t there be a duality which is against Advaita? If it is part of Brahman, won’t Brahman also have qualities apart from Sat-Chit-Ananda , because Maya is endowed with Rajas and Tamas as well? Swami Vivekanandji has said in Jnana Yog that our minds are finite and Brahman is infinite ,is it because of this, that this contradiction seems to arise?

Though I have these queries , I still find that Advaita is a most complete explanation of this universe , only because of lack of comprehension I have these queries.

In the Big Bang Theory of Universe, all observable matter was said to originate from a single point . But if we look at this from duality , we still can’t account for empty space (or Akasha), when did the space come into existence is the question that comes to the mind. But Advaita seems to be the answer to this query. That Akasha(i.e space) and Pran (i.e matter) are all one. All part of the absolute.



Nice to read your questions with regard to Advaita Philosophy!

Maya means “that which is available for experience but that which does not exist actually, and therefore that which is inexplicable”. Inexplicable means that which can’t be explainable. Can you explain about “mirage water”. Does the mirage water is different from the “sand”, or one with the sand? If it is different from the sand, then you should be able to use it as water for your thirst. If it is one with the sand, then you can’t call it as “mirage water”. You should call it is sand only. The fact is when there is no mirage water at all, then why we should attempt to find a place for it. It is a mere appearance, from the stand point of the fact. What people call as “mirage water” is nothing but sand.

Similarly, you can’t talk about “Maya” which is a mere appearance. Because what the ignorant people call as Maya is nothing but Brahman for the wise-man . The very attempt to find a “place” for Maya shows, that it is taken for granted, that it exists as a second entity. Maya does not exist at all from the Absolute stand point. Wise man does not have any confusion. For him, this Maya is Lord’s power (like the power of a magician) from the Relative stand point of Creation-preservation-destruction. Same Maya does not exist at all from the Absolute stand point.

Don’t try to understand “Maya”. It is neither “existing” nor “non-existing” entity. It does not come under any definition. Without definition, we can’t understand anything as an object. You can’t understand it unless you the Subject recognize your Infinite nature as Brahman.

Moreover, don’t try to understand the Scriptures in an academic way by “self-study”. These academic informations can not solve the human problems. Getting Self-knowledge from the Scriptures depends upon the following questions:

· Are you guided by any Spiritual Teacher?

· Are you a sincere seeker of the Truth?

· Do you have devotion to the Lord, who is the Ultimate Truth of the appearing world?

Therefore, our suggestion is, first of all, find a Gurudev for your spiritual journey.

“Leading a clean life with the practice of moral values, Prayer, Namajapa and Satsangh are means for attaining Gurudev in our spiritual life. Try them and wait for the Lord’s Grace. He will certainly bless you with a Spiritual Teacher. Offer your mind to Him and pray Him to manifest in your mind and make your life a purposeful one and with peace”.

With Prayers,

Yours in Service,