First practice and then preach

A woman brought her child to see a saintly person and said, “The doctor has told me that my child is a diabetic and must stop eating sugar and sweets, but in spite of what I tell him, he won’t stop. Since you are a saintly person, I am sure that if you tell him to stop eating sugar and sweets he will listen and his life can be saved.
Surprisingly, the saintly person replied that he could not tell that to the child. He can supposedly help him if they come back after 2 weeks Disappointed and confused, the mother took the child away and returned back after two weeks. But this time also sage asked for some more time.
When they came back again after two weeks, the saintly person looked sternly at the young boy and said, “Stop eating sweets!” The boy was so startled that from that day he never again ate sweets and sugar.
When the curious mother inquired from the Sadhu, “Why didn’t you tell the same thing on the very first day”? The Sadhu replied, “I myself was fond of eating sugar. Until and unless I practice this myself, how could I tell this to somebody?”
That’s true, example is better than precept. A leader cannot tell the public to stop smoking if he himself smokes. A beautiful flower is not very pleasing, if it is without fragrance. Similarly good instructions are not very acceptable, if they are not themselves practiced by the speaker. First practice and then preach