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Will curses come true

Question: I am a girl of 20 yrs, studying in college. Our entire family has been initiated from Ramakrishna Mission. My problem is as follows: About my mother & father, both are very devoted to God & have been initiated… (READ MORE)

Rama nama related query

Question: Regarding Rama Nama Japam some people say we MUST prefix ‘Sri’ before ‘Rama’ to make ‘Sri Rama’ otherwise practicing simply ‘Rama’ will not be powerful. Please answer me if you feel my question is genuine. Answer: It can be… (READ MORE)

Question on Aditya Hridayam

Question: What is the significance of Aditya Hridayam Stotram? Can it be chanted daily by everyone? Since Rama Himself is the supreme person then why did sage Agastya gave that Stotram to Sri Rama? Is planetary Sun the supreme person?… (READ MORE)

Names and forms, God

Question: Variety is the Law of nature. So variety of Religions, castes, creeds etc., is in-evitable. So by standing in a particular variety (i.e., Religion, Caste, Creed etc.,) in which a person is born, whether one is able to realize… (READ MORE)