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God’s mysterious ways – I

The baby in the family is learning to talk. Mother tries to teach him or her to call father “Papa” or “Daddy”. But baby is only a year old and says only “Pa” or “Da” every time! Now does this make the father angry, that his little one cannot yet perfectly pronounce the name? Likewise, God understands our mistakes where he is concerned. And he patiently waits for the unfolding of our understanding.


You’ve all played hide and seek; are there children anywhere that haven’t? In some countries the one who hides is called “Granny”. This person blindfolds the eyes of the others and then hides. The players are to find her, one by one. Whoever can find and touch “Granny” has the blindfold removed and is “free”. So it is with the Divine Mother! She has covered our eyes with ignorance and hidden herself here. Find her, touch her, and you are freed.


There are said to be 500,000 villages in India. In olden days, the Indian village hired a night-watchman to keep down crime and accidents. He would go around the streets and lanes with a square metal lantern, open only at the front. The watchman could see, wherever the lantern cast its light. No rays of light fell on him, who carried the lantern. If you wanted to see who the watchman was, you had to ask him to turn the lamp back on his own face. We are like that! Our eyes (ears, tongue, etc.) are all facing outward, looking at and feeling the things of the world. God says, “if you want to see me, turn the lamp around; look within and find the Source of all the light.”


And here is some simple arithmetic that all of us will know. If I have “one,” and go on adding zeros in front of it, like this: 0 + 0 + 0 + 001, does it become more than one? It does not. But if I put the “one” first and the zeros after it: 1 + 0 + 0 + 0, the number goes on expanding to infinity. In the same way, the universe is like the first “1”; there is something there, and you keep adding “things”, but you don’t get much; while God is like the second “1”: put him first and only then will all the rest have value.

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