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THERE is the story of twelve hundred nedas* and
thirteen hundred nedis#. Virabhadra, the son of
Nityananda Goswami had thirteen hundred
‘shaven headed’ disciples. They attained great
spiritual powers. That alarmed their teacher. “My
disciples have acquired great spiritual powers,”
thought Virabhadra. “Whatever they say to people
will come to pass. Wherever they go they may
create alarming situations; for people offending
them unwittingly will come to grief.” Thinking
thus, Virabhadra one day called them to him and
said, “See me after performing your daily devotions
on the banks of the Ganges.” These disciples had
such high spiritual nature that, while meditating,
they would go into Samadhi and be unaware of the
river water flowing over their heads during the
flood-tide. Then the ebb-tide would come and still
they would remain absorbed in meditation.
Now, one hundred of these disciples had
anticipated what their teacher would ask of them.
Lest they should have to disobey his injunctions,
they had quickly disappeared from the place before
he summoned them. So, they did not go to
Virabhadra with others. The remaining twelve
hundred disciples went to the teacher after
finishing their morning meditations. Virabhadra
said to them: “These thirteen hundred nuns will
serve you.
I ask you to marry them.” “As you please, revered
sir,” they said. “But one hundred of us have gone ‘
away.” Thenceforth each of these twelve hundred
disciples had a wife. Consequently they all lost their
spiritual power. Their austerities did not have their
original fire. The company of women robbed them
of their spirituality because it destroyed their
*Literally “Shaven headed”, indicative of absolute renunciation of ‘lust
and gold’

# Vaishnava nuns

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‘Kama-Kanchana’- (Lust and Gold) – COURT MARRIAGE AND YOU

IT is ‘woman and gold’ that binds man and robs -
*- him of his freedom. It is woman that creates the
need for gold. For woman one becomes the slave
of another, and so loses his freedom. Then he
cannot act as he likes.
The priests in the temple of Govindaji at Jaipur
were celibates at first, and at that time they had
fiery natures. Once the King of Jaipur sent for
them, but they didn’t obey him. They said to the
messenger, “Ask the king to come to see us.” After
consultation, the king and his ministers arranged
marriages for them. From then on the king didn’t
have to send for them.
They would come to him of themselves and say:
“Your Majesty, we have come with our blessings.
Here are the sacred flowers of the temple. Deign to
accept them.” They came to the palace, for now
they always wanted money for this thing or
another—the building of a house, the rice-taking
ceremony of their babies, or the rituals connected
with the beginning of their children’s education.

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AT Kamarpukur I have seen the mongoose living
in its hole up in the wall. It feels snug there.
Sometimes people tie a brick to its tail; then the
pull of the brick makes it come out of its hole.
Every time the mongoose tries to be comfortable
inside the hole, it has to come out because of the
pull of the brick.
Such is the effect of brooding on worldly objects
that it makes the yogi stray from the path of yoga.

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BODY and wealth are impermanent. Why go to
take so much trouble for their sake? Just think of
the plight of the Hatha yogis. Their attention is
fixed on one ideal only—longevity. They do not
aim at the realization of God at all. They practise
such exercises as washing out the intestines,
drinking milk through a tube, and the like, with
that one aim in view.

There was once a goldsmith whose tongue
suddenly turned up and stuck to his palate. He
looked like a man in Samadhi. He became
completely inert and remained so a long time.
People came to worship him. After several years,
his tongue suddenly returned to its natural
position, and he became conscious of things as
before. So he went back to his work as before.
These are physical things and have nothing to do
with God. There was a man who knew eighty two
postures and talked big about yoga-samadhi. But
inwardly he was drawn to ‘woman and gold’. Once
he found a bank-note worth several thousand
He could not resist the temptation, and swallowed
it, thinking he would get it out somehow later on.
The note was got out of him alright, but he was
sent to jail for three years.

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