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Kundalini awakening

I a'm a spiritual seeker. I earnestly want to learn this kundalini awakening in order to use this energy for the well-fare of the down trodden.

Do you teach this at your math? If so when?


Dear ________,

Answer: Namaste.

We don't know about this Kundalini awakening and therefore can't teach. Also we suggest you not to learn this technique. It is harmful for a general man like you. These techniques are meant for people who live in seclusion (in caves). More over to do good to downtrodden there is no need for this.

We suggest you to read Swami Vivekananda's books (like, "Lectures from Colombo to Almora", "Talks with Swami Vivekananda" and "Letters of Swami Vivekananda")

Leading a clean life with the practice of moral values, Prayer, Satsangh and with Unselfish Service attitudes are means better and purposeful life. Try them and wait for the Lord's Grace. He will certainly bless you with lot of power. Offer your mind to Him and pray Him to manifest in your mind and make your life a purposeful one and with peace.

Visit our site http://www.ramakrishnamath.in/home/qa . We update lot of materials for youth. Enrich yourself with good things and be happy in life.

If you are staying in Bangalore, you are welcome to our Math. We conduct special classes for the youth on Sundays (3.30p.m.)which you can attend and get benefited.

With prayers

Yours in service,



Swamiji Pranam

Swamiji my question is "How to overcome attachment ".

Swamiji I am writing you this mail as I am facing some troubles that give me lot of inner pain. Swamiji I am a girl who is very soft,polite and humble.I always take pain instead of giving pain.When people talk with me nicely and with affectionate,I easily get attached to them. When they know this they start ill treating me, fool me and leave me. At last I get only heart breaks and pain. This is something ongoing for the past two years. Attachment to people has already ruined my health to a great extent.

Swamiji even in corporates when people show a bit love to me I get attached to them immensely. This has hampered my career growth,shattered my hopes,and ruined my peace of mind. I lose my professionalism and start giving lot of importance to personal relations with colleagues.

Swamiji I have suffered enough because of attachment.No matter how much I make up my mind,or be stubborn I easily get attracted and attached.I forget my real nature,and behave like a robot doll. At that time I forget my strength,knowledge and the opponent just enjoys seeing my painful plite. All this has already degraded my spirit.

Swamiji I am girl who is very intelligent,hardworking,dedicated and committed in whatever I do.But some how my tender nature,attachment towards people is ruining me to the core extent. No amount of knowledge,discrimination has helped me to overcome this.And when these people leave me after insulting me,my entire world becomes dark and I feel very lonely.

Swamiji I have tremendous will power,and faith in myself,and I know I can achieve great heights but this one weakness is sucking me out of energy.This is one of my biggest stumbling block in my success and growth.Sometimes I read Bhagavath gita ,I do get some peace but again the same problems come up.None of my friends are like this.They are very practical. All ask me "______ why u get emotionally attached to people".I dont know y? How to overcome this painful bondage" Plz help me swamiji.



Dear ________,


Attachment towards the people/object is a basic weakness with all human beings. With whom we are attached is the question that makes us either happy or unhappy. If we are attached to the Lord and Mahatmas, it leads us towards the Happiness and Freedom. If we are attached to the general people/objects, it leads us towards more and more bondage and suffering.

Now the question is why we are attached?

The fact revealed by the Upanishad is whatever the source of our Happiness/Fulfillment, we will be attached to that person/situation/object. If we find the same person/situation/object is source of Unhappiness/Painful, then we will try to get away from them at any cost.

So try to find out your whether your friends/relatives are source of happiness or Pain.

Once you understand them as the source of Pain, you can't attach to them.

Like no body is attached to Poison/Snake/Tiger/Fire etc. Because we know that they are the source of Pain. But our problem is we wrongly understand the source of Pain as the source of Happiness. Like a drug addict who likes to have drugs without knowing it is a source of pain. Similarly out of addiction or out of ignorance, we wrongly judge and attached to the people/objects etc. and are suffering. So try to see the things (about your motives and others motives) as it is.

Read Swami Vivekananda's Jnana Yoga/Karma Yoga/Bhakti Yoga/Letters/Talks, which are the essence of all our Vedantic teachings and get the proper understanding of the life and yourself.

A person who has gone beyond the selfish interests only deserves our love and attachment. When selfishness is there either with us or with the people to whom we are attached, then our life can't be happy and fulfilled. When we love the Lord/Mahatmas and attached to them, then and then only, we can be happy and at freedom. Otherwise our life will be full of confusions/pains/bondages. Open your eyes and see the things as it is. Pray to the Lord to help you by giving the strength and wisdom.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Dear Maharaj,

I want to know about ractical realization of spiritual vision. I am a software engineer(male married age : 33) working in Bangalore. I have read Ramakrishna Kathamrita. There I see descriptions of spiritual vision(like god/goddess) happened to Sri Ramakrishna.

Now I am curious to know is it possible to have similar kind of vision now a day’s too. And is there any saints in Ramakrishna math/mission having any kind of spiritual vision. Can we meet them? Also I heard that a perfect Sadhu can tell the past and future of disciple. Here also I am curious to know any person in the world having this power to tell past/future and news after death.

Also how one can measure that he is growing in spiritual power. Is it the god/goddess visions what Sri Ramakrishna had mentioned or peace or something else.




Happy to know that you are trying to understand about Sri Ramakrishna's Great Life. It will certainly benefit you in your spiritual progress.

A sincere devotee getting Spiritual Vision is possible at all times. But generally they don't divulge about their vision to a normal man. Hence finding and recognizing their greatness is extremely difficult one. It is like a blind man trying to understand a person who is having the eye sight. These great people may reveal their greatness to their qualified disciples out of compassion.

Since these spiritual visions are subjective and personal, since they don't divulge to all, it is very difficult to say, who is having these blessedness in our organization. In our organization there were many monks blessed with visions. After their physical death only generally we come to know about their greatness. As long as they lived, for all practical purpose, they are well-known for their devotion to the Lord, Service to the humanity, Freedom from the desires, love for the humanity, compassionate towards the all.

A perfect sadhu may have the power of telling the future/past, but if he is a perfect sadhu he will not use that power. Because according to scriptures these powers are obstacles in the spiritual journey. Moreover by knowing the future, a person is not going to get help in any way. Either it will make him anxious (if it negative future) about his future or make him arrogant (if it is positive future). So, don't try to know your future in advance. Make yourself strong, by Purity and Renunciation, so that you can face the life as it is when it is coming to you.

According to Vedantic scriptures, like Upanishads and Gita, the spiritual growth is measured by his purity of life, renunciation, love for God and the absence of desires, fear of death, fear of old age, fear of future, guilt of pasts etc. Life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda confirms these Scriptural Teachings.

Try to be pure in your day to day life and offer yourself to the Lord. If you are in His safe hands, he himself will guide you in your spiritual journey.

Read the complete works of Swami Vivekananda, and if need personal guidance, come to our Ashram. We are conducting special classes for the youth on Sundays at 3.30 p.m.

With prayers,

Yours affectionately,


Pujya Swamiji,

I am a 28 years old, unmarried man staying in bangalore for past 2 years,I work in software industry. Work Life has been hectic and I do not get much time to peruse what I like,hobbies,meditation etc.

Off late I have been thinking deeper into self and introspecting in order to find out what do I want to achieve from life. In my quest of self-awareness I have been reading literature on spirituality & self-awareness and various other aspects associated with it. However I realise that my mind is too materialistic and gets distracted very soon. finds it difficult to assimilate the learnings probably because it requires more profound understanding of the subject.

My questions in specific narrow down to the following aspects:

1.Meditation:what is the purpose of it, what is the proper way to meditate.

2.Celibacy(brahmacharya):How can this be practiced in today's world as I have had few unsuccessful attempts. While I do believe that it results in several benefits, how do I practice it and stream line the positive sexual energy in other creative activities.

3.Existence of God:Being born in an orthodox hindu brahmin family,the notion of a god and hinduism have been imbibed deeply in my psyche,however as i grew up,not sure if it was my education,I started looking for a logic behind existing of everything on this planet and found that GOD was something which defied my belief of rationality and logic.I turned up to be an agnostic as i feel just can't be a hindu just because I was born as a hindu. Having said that I do believe that my understanding of religion and God could be very superficial, as I have view it only from the perspective of orthodox rituals and preaching which i have seen in family and around. From the discussions with my friends, I opine that religion has only divided people into sects.

4.Do i need a Guru:As i said earlier,seeking spirituality by self has been of a little help,I feel I need a guidance from a guru who guide me in this path.

I would like to visit ramakrishna math and would like to be a part of meditation and group activities as I feel that having a discussion with like minded people would be quite helpful.

I hope I have been able to communicate what I have been looking for,please enlighten me Swamiji.

Best Regards



1.Meditation: The purpose is to remember the Lord/ Higher Ideals of life. Meditation is a natural thing of the mind which it likes/loves or dislikes/hates more. Without your will power the mind meditates on these subjects. To meditate on the Lord, our mind should be educated about the glory of the Lord and benefit by meditating upon Him. Without the knowledge of the person we can't like/dislike anybody. So study more and more about the higher ideals. For this you can take the help of the literature on Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna etc. published by our Organization.

2.Celibacy(brahmacharya): Sexual instincts are intrinsic nature of a person who thinks that he is the body alone and the life is for enjoyment alone. The fact is that he is not body at all. He is the embodiment of Divinity which expresses through the body. So body is an instrument and not the person. The actual person is Divine. If the mind is full of worldly desires of enjoyment then he expresses sexual instincts. One he understand the glory of the Divinity within himself then he has no desire for sexual enjoyments. It is possible for everybody to learn about the Divinity and control the sexual instincts and direct it towards the positive side like expression of compassion, service to the poor and thirst for the knowledge of the Reality. With a little struggle everyone at any situation can win over this basic lower instinct. One book which contains complete details on Celibacy is "Practice of Brahmacharya " by Swami Shivananda Saraswati, Divine Life Society. Please read that book and it will certainly guide you.

3. Existence of God: Your opinion about the religion is very superficial and based on ignorance of the subject. Your friends also are not authorities in this subject being ignorant by themselves. Our Great Religion gives guidance to everyone in whatever condition he is. It has many layers. If you look it at the superficial layer it is like children commix. But if you sincerely seek the guidance to solve the problems of human life then you will certainly find the answers (of course with convincing logic and rationality). Great thinkers of other religions also fortunately got the answer from our Vedantic Scriptures and felt blessed to study these Scriptures. One condition is first you should be pure in your life and should have the guidance of a competitive person.

Do i need a Guru: If ordinary sciences taught in our schools need a teacher, what to talk about the need of a Guru in this Great and subtlest science - Atma Vidya. Any knowledge needs basic qualification and guidance of a teacher. Prepare yourself and take guidance from them and you will see the beauty of our Religion.

In addition to your day to day duties, keep yourself busy with beneficial and noble things. Read Swami Vivekananda's book (Colombo to Almora, talks with Vivekananda etc.). You will get more inspiration. Also try to keep the association of good and noble people. They will be model and guide to your life.

Prayer is very important for every man. During prayer he is contacting his own Real and Infinite Nature. You can chant any prayer you like. But it should be chanted with concentration, devotion and knowing the meaning. Then the prayer will benefit you more.

Wishing you for the success in your life's pursuits,

We welcome you to our Math and get the personal guidance if you are staying in Bangalore. We conduct special classes for the youth on Sundays (3.30p.m.)which you attend and get benefited.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


I am a 23 year old lady and my name is ___ . From childhood I have had inclination towards spiritual life, Sadhna and Japa. I have been serving my elders and my parents with all my heart. From the childhood, I always thought I will not marry, and I had mentioned this to my parents also. Even for doing Sadhana, after my 12th, I took one year break, just to concentrate on God. However now because of society and family pressure I am in dilemna.

I have intense desire to attain god realisation.I sacrificed my career for that.I was scolded nd rediculed for that.Even then I am unable to leave my sadhanas. Life is meaningless without god”. “I lead physically nd mentally celibate life.I want to lead throught my life” What shud i decide? Shud i get marry? Sometimes I think that if some boy is also having God realization as human goal and who will be willing to lead a spiritual and pure life after marriage, I can marry.

Please tell me, all r my feelings r meaningless? Am i a fool? Am i worrying for nothing? Because of my ego, I sometime get very angry and I scold every body. Many times I go into degression. All family members say that I am a good girl however I feel so much for my "angry" behavior. I think that what is the use of all my Sadhana's if I am not able to control my anger ?

Am i a sincere seeker?


Dear _____,


After reading your long letter we understand your urge and sincerity to lead a spiritual life.

Thinking that all of your statements in your letter are true and from your inner heart, we are giving our suggestions/guidance below :

Qn. “I have intense desire to attain god realisation.I sacrificed my career for that.I was scolded nd rediculed for that.Eventhen i am unable to leave my sadhanas. Life is meaningless without god”. “I lead physically nd mentally celibate life.I want to lead throught my life” What shud i decide? Shud i get marry?

Ans: If the above statement is from your inner heart and you mean it actually, then don’t marry. Go to any ashrama and join as a spiritual seeker wherein women are accepted as sannyasinis. In our email dated ______ we have suggested that you can go to Sarada Math and gave you the email id (For more details please write to the Sharada Math H/Q email: srisaradamath.gs@gmail.com ). Write to them and you will certainly get the guidance.

You can’t lead a serious spiritual and celibate life in the present day household atmosphere. General people including your parent will not understand you and make fun of you. A plant which can grow only in the atmosphere of Himalayan Purity can’t grow in the atmosphere of Rajasthan Desert. Hope you understood our point. External environment, especially at the beginning stage, the place we live is very very important for the spiritual life. Try to get the protection and guidance of any Mataji’s of Sharada Math.

Qn. Please tell me, all r my feelings r meaningless? Am i a fool? Am i worrying for nothing?

Ans. No. All your feelings are meaningful. Since they are directed to the higher life, general people can’t understand and therefore will not accept them. Naturally they will redicule you. So, Don’t get angry on them. Pray for them. Find your place, as quick as possible, which is conducive for your spiritual life.

Qn. “But y this ego is there.I pray god to remove this ego from now.I am sure ego will be removed like that.I want to conquer ego also”.

Ans. By leading a sincere spiritual life you can certainly remove this ego, because a devotee of the Lord will automatically come to a clear understanding that all the glories of the world including his/her own, actually belongs to the Lord only. Lord will certainly help you in this aspect.

But now your immediate need is to get the guidance of a guru/mataji. Get it as quick as possible. Otherwise your own mind will fool you and your parents and others will certainly influence their ideas of marriage life on you which you are not accepting. In this society at this present situation, no boy will accept to keep your celibacy when you marry him. It is vain hope. Don’t get deluded. Ultimately you will be the looser.

Qn. Am i a sincere seeker?

Ans. Only your inner heart or the Lord in your heart can say. If you are sincere, the ultimate gainer will be you only.

We sincerely pray to Holy Mother Sri Saradadevi to bless you and guide you in your spiritual life.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Pranam swamiji,

I am a marriaed with twin boys of 3 years old. Myself and my husband have taken initiation from the Revered Swamiji Geethanand Maraja. As a parent I feel a huge responsibility. Im very well aware that God is above us, but still as parents I have to do my part. I am extremely worried with my kids future. The present generation is going worse. The are given into bad culture. We being parents are very worried. How to instill that god culture in our children. I am a working mother. I fear we can't afford much time for our kids. The only thing I pray to Lord is, to give my children good samskaras. I constantly pray to Thakurji to instill good habits & manners . I also need your guidance as to how to teach them face this world and maintain their innocence. As parents what is our part in molding our children's character. Please guide and bless us.

Thanking you,


Respected Mother,


In our culture, Mother and Father are the First Gurus for any child. So you be their role-model, and follow the values in your personal life. Generally children are habituated to imitate their parent. Seeing is powerful than hearing. When they happen to see something which is against what they heard from the parent, then they are in great difficulty in assimilating the values of life. Society can’t mislead a child which has great family bondage and love for its parent.

We suggest you to do regular pujas in your home daily both morning and evening. The puja may be a simple one with Arati and chanting of some stotras etc. But it should be daily. Please see that your child also to join in that puja.

Give him some books (pictorials) which deal with lives of great saints, and Ramayana and Mahabharata stories.

Also you can bring him to the Ashrama now and then and can introduce to the satsangha.

All children are the gift of the Lord. We have to find out their particular interests and encourage them in cultivating good habits and ideas. Other problems will solve by itself.

Don't worry. Introduce and offer your child to the Lord. He will take care of your child. World can’t misguide the one who is in the lap of the Lord.

With prayers for your children and all of you,

Yours in service,


Please guide us. We are 3 boys aged between 16to21, all are studying final M.Sc, B,com, SSLC respectively.

our problem is both our father and mother. our father scolds using foul words, few time hits us. and whatever we say we should it without saying a word. we should not come home late,, he scolds everybody if there is any tension outside for him..and later brain washes us..

Our mother few times support us,and few time is against us.

We are fully sad about this. but we love them more.

We have already spoken to them many times. at that time they accept our reasons and again when they scold they tell us how dare are we to say there mistake to them.

They speak as if we do not know anything, and they say that they have not committed any mistakes, and ussually compare us with another and scold us. But really I have to say we all score First class markes. At even exam times they tell to do work and they not living us to be in peace.

I don't know wat to do.



After reading your mail we felt very sorry and we pray for you and your family members so that the Lord shower his blessings to your parent and make their mind peaceful and happy.

We think there may be some hidden sorrow in the minds of your parent. That is the reason they may be angry with you all without any reason. Try to find out those reasons and resolve. Until then pray for them and love them more and more. Avoid all situations which may create anger in them.

Purchase books like "Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna" and "Life of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi" and present them to your parent. Our Math has published plenty of books in these subjects in many languages. Just by reading these books many people's life have changed. You also can try.

Come to our Math and get the personal guidance if you are staying in Bangalore.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Respected sir,

I have 2 questions with eespect to Gita:

1. I recently read in the News paper ( Speaking tree column in TOI) that we should not desire for more. Desire is the root cause for all sorrows. My question is, if we dont have desires, what will we acheive then? Does it mean that we should always be satisfied with what we have now? and should not aim for higher?

2. In my work, i come across people who are trying to gain wrongfully. Sometimes their wrongful deeds affects me also. I always try to ignore such things. But is it not a fault to do so? Is it not my duty to stay and fight back? But in the same article it is also said that we should never try to involve in any act of quarrel or controversies. Kindly help me clear the confusion.




The article mentioned by you may be for the serious spiritual seekers (sannyasins)and not for a general man.

In our scriptures, there are 4 Goals are mentioned for every human being.

1. Righteous Life (Dharma)

2. Earning the Wealth (Artha)

3. Fulfilling the Righteous Desires (Kaama)

4. Realization of the Godhood. (Moksha)

To achieve these goals every human being is given 3 powers

1. Power to Know (jnanashakti)

2. Power to Desire (Icchashakti)

3. Power to acquire (Kriyashakti)

So power to Desire is a natural faculty given to every human being. But who can desire, what to desire and how much to desire is the question before us.

A Spiritual seeker (Sannyasin) who wants to realize the God, should not desire for Artha and Kaama. But he should desire Dharma and Moksha.

Similarly, a General person who wants to enjoy this world and be happy through desires of Artha and Kaama. But it should not be at the cost of Dharma. And it should not be beyond his means and capacities.

Desires vary from person to person and no desire should be at the cost of Dharma. Whether he is spiritual seeker or a general person, he should follow the Dharma (Righteous way of life). That is we should have only Righteous Desires (Dharmika Kaama)and should try to earn the wealth by the Righteous means.

In pursuing these desires, one will come across many conflicts, like temptation to violate the Dharma for the petty gains. Scriptures say that any gain achieved through violation of Dharma will not long-last and the person who has violated the Dharma has to suffer in future. It is like swallowing the slow-poison. We may not see them suffering. But it is sure to happen. It is the proven Karma Theory.

So first of all we should never violate the Dharma in our life. So struggle sincerely to follow Dharma as much as possible in your life. In the present context, wherein the mad running for wealth and sense pleasures are more, it is certainly a difficult task for the good people to continue as good. Because, even though they want to be good, the society may not be conducive and may not encourage their goodness.

Then whenever you see somebody violating, you can try to educate him, and pray for him. You should not join him. If you are in a position to take action against him do that. If not avoid their association and protect your goodness with humility and a good wish and prayer for them.

Read Swami Vivekananda’s Books and come to Math for more and more clarity.

With prayers and best wishes,

Yours in service,


Dear Swamiji, Pranams,

I am __, 36 year old, married from ____ District, Andhra Pradesh.

In the study of Vedanta , I have come across many Vadas : Abhasa Vada, Pratibimba Vada, Avacccheda Vada, Vivarta Vada.

Both Sankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda at different places expounded all these vadas.

I am really confused as to which one is correct.

Specailly regarding the nature of Jiva :

1. Jiva is reflection of Brahman in antahkarana ( Pratibimba Vada)

2. Jiva is semblance of Brahman in antahkarana (Abhasa Vada)

3. Jiva is Brahman limited by antahkarana ( Avaccheda Vada)

4. Jiva is like the serpent in the rope-snake example (Vivarta Vada)

All these view points I found in both Sankara's works and Swamiji's works.

I am confused as to what is the truth ? Which one is correct ?

Am I missing the reconcilliation of these different view ponts ? Could you please clarify ?




Nice to read your philosophical question.

The final and factual teaching of the Vedas, (mentioned very clearly in Upanishads) is that the Jiva (ie. You/ I ) is Brahman the Infinite. There is only one Infinite which is called/recognised as Brahman (THE BIG) by the men of wisdom, and which is called/perceived as Jiva (the finite Individual). Infinitude is a fact, and the finitude is a mere appearance. This is the final teaching of our Vedas.

In an attempt to explain this fact to us, Great Spiritual Teachers tried various methods and technical words, which unfortunately misunderstood by us.

In your question if you observe these words like “reflection/ semblance/ limited by antahkarana / like the serpent in the rope-snake”, you will come to knowthat all of them meaning more or less the same thing. There is certainly difference in the technicality in the language. But, ultimately what the Vadas mean is the you are Brahman actually but due to ignorance (which happened to exist in our mind) you appear as a finite Jiva. The limitation is not natural but a defect in the mind.

See this example:

My photo is a reflection of my real face.

My face in this Painting resemble my real face.

Due to the limitation by my antahkarana the colourless sky appears as blue sky.

Yesterday night due to half darkness this rope appeared to me as a snake.

All these statements points out the defect of our mind in recognizing the fact.

Hope you got the point. Please approach any scholar in the Advaita Vedanta for further study. Don’t study these philosophical text by yourself.

With best wishes,

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Dear Sir,

I want to know about Pithru Karmam. Why males are only allowed to do cremation ceremony? If the died person have only a daughter why can't she do? Is the happened due to the rituals followed by our forefathers or is any thing relating to this is mentioned in vedas? Plse clarify



In our Vedic Society, which accepted the Vedic injunctions as the final one, people did not ask these questions. They had complete faith (like a child having faith in the love and guidance of its mother) in the efficacy of these Vedic Injunctions. If it is told that "a person should sit face the east to do a particular ritual", they obeyed absolutely. Because many things mentioned in the Vedas, like Heaven, Hell, Punya, Papa can't be known or understood by any other means. You can't verify with your eyes, nose, ears etc. So whatever told in the Vedas where agreed and obeyed by our Vedic Society. They didn't want to know the reason for these injunctions, because we don't have any other source of Knowledge, which can verify or explain the Vedic Teachings.

Coming to your question, Why women are not allowed to participate in the cremations? Our society was governed by the Social dictums written in the Smriitis by great Rishis. They might have thought that why to trouble the women in these hours of great loss of their family members, who have great emotional attachments. When men are available to do these duties why should trouble the women. Therefore these restrictions might have been practiced in the olden days.

But now in the modern age, wherein neither we accept the Vedas nor we obey the Social dictums of the Rishis, we are still sticking to some old practices like these.

If possible you follow or you may chose to do whatever you like. But never think that these age old practices are mere superstitions. Till date no other culture in the world had survived such a long period and that too with all types of foreign invasion. Ours is a very great culture based on the teachings of Vedas and Rishis. Ours is the only culture which recognize the divinity in every one, even in the inanimate things. We may not understand at the present context. But that is not the reason we should deny it.

Read Swami Vivekananda's Book and have more and more clarity in your understanding in these matters.

Come to our Ashram if you are situated in Bangalore.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Dear Swamiji,

Can I be a life time Volunteer ?

Once I read a story, " Two men came to Ashram and asked Shri Sarada Matha that they were interested to join there, but the monks who live there objected this and told mathaji,"Dear Mathaji, dont allow them because they were thieves in their poorvashram", Mother replied with a smile, see no one should be denied of their past-life, and accepted them to live there subsequently.

Now swamiji, my question is,I wanted to become a monk and I tried too but many were mocked at me. I am post-graduated, and inspite of having masters degree , i am not good at studies because i always think about this life. and because of this i dont have any interests.

I really inspired by the maxim "Realize oneself.. and service to mankind". I am in a great confusion., please lead me in a right way.

Now i am 33 years old, maintaining celibacy,living in ____, doing a small job. So please let me know the details.

Thanking you,




Read your mail along with the touching incident in Mother's Life.

The fact is every human being is Divine. No one is bad by nature. The so called 'bad people' are those who have not recognized their natural goodness. So everybody should be given opportunity to lead a noble life and should struggle to manifest the Divinity within us. Suffering in our Life helps us to think about this and turn towards the Lord. So Please don't worry, you will certainly have the light in your life.

We are happy that you are struggling to manifest your divinity. Please surrender to the Lord and pray to Him to help in your struggle.

Continuing your job, follow Brahmacharya (chastity) strictly and read the books of Swami Vivekananda. Please go to our Math in Hyderabad (situated near Indira Park) and meet the sadhus there. You will certainly get the guidance.

May the Lord Bless you and give you the strength to face the life as it is.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Respected Guruji

Would you please tell me How can i reach to asrama in Bangalore?

My quest is:

What was the aim of Swami Vivekanada and has been fulfilled or not?

Was he happy with his life?

I am post graduate having degree in Biotechnology. I have lot of intrest to be a Sadhu. Can i join Aashram?

Can i still continue reading my professional books while serving in the MATH?



1.Please click this link for guidance to reach us.


2. The aim of Swami Vivekananda was to “Teach humanity about its Spiritual Nature and to serve the whole humanity”. He gave a push to this movement called Ramakrishna math and mission and assigned lot of responsibilities to his successors. Our Math is working according to his guidance. To know more about his ideals and about our Mission please click this link http://www.ramakrishnamath.in/order .

By his spiritual wisdom he was a man of fulfillment and happy with his life connected with the Lord and the Higher Goals of Humanity.

3.You are welcome to our Math and join in our service activities. We conduct special classes for the youth on every Sundays (3.30p.m.).

With best wishes and prayers,

Yours in service


I would like to ask if you offer a chance to take up permanent residence in the Math for foreigners also. I am Latvian, a male of 21 and have been struggling occasionally to lead a spiritual life for past couple of years at home. I have not succeeded thus far.

ave resolved to find a decent religious institution which could use my service. I'm willing to help in cleaning ashram/temple rooms, showers as well as toilets, washing dishes, help in gardening and other such works which involve physical engagement (as I have no knowledge of Hindi, Bengali nor any other Indian language though I do speak English rather well as I had attended a college in Britan several years ago).

However, one thing to be mentioned in the very beginning is that I find it in no way agreeable to receive a full initiation (with mantra), as I am already repeating Ramnam (listened to a recording of Swami Ramdas (founder of Anandashram).

I am rather deeply moved by the books on Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, Anandamayi Ma, Swami Sivananda (Divine Life Society), Swami Ramdas ('In Quest of God', ‘In the Vision of God’, ‘World is God’, etc.) Swami Yatiswarananda ('Meditation and Spiritual Life, ‘Way to the Divine’) also ‘The Eternal Companion’-Swami Brahmananda, ‘Vinaya Patrika’ by Gosvami Tulsidas as well as other religious books.

However there is this dire enemy-lust witch always keeps returning and thus stealing all enthusiasm, as well as other allurements whitch have successfuly been kept under check for some period of time only, till they attack again. Hence the resolve to serve some spiritual community, to be amidst life-dedicated celibates and thus to have females out of sight for good. I contacted the General Secretary of Ramakrishna Order on the main website and was told that it would be better to contact some European Centre instead of coming straight to India (though he said it was as such allowed as well).

I have however undoubtedly decided to go to India only and thus to be away from the western culture as far as possible. I am thus (if permitted) willing to live in the Math while observing all rules and restrictions. Therefore kindly let me know if joining The Order in the aforesaid manner (without a new initiation in mantra nor being asked to stop the flow of the present mantra in the background even mentally in form of some specific pranayamas or contemplation exercises requiring undivided attention) is possible at all. If the present Math I have contacted does not accept such candidates kindly inform me wether there are other Maths in India where such a chance is offered.

Sincerely at Your service


Greetings from our Math and sadhus.

We are very happy to read your mail which shows your spiritual thirst.

Conquering the lust is the life long struggle for any spiritual seeker. It should be dealt at 3 stages. First stage: Stop doing anything which may instigate lust in you in the waking state. You yourself should not break the chastity voluntarily. Lust should not express physically in the waking state. This is possible for any serious spiritual seeker.

Second Stage: Trying to avoid the lustful thoughts in the waking state. It may come because of your previous desires. But you should not encourage that thought. Instead you should divert your mind by prayers, reading good books etc. This tiral also is possible for any serious spiritual seeker.

Third stage: Avoiding the lust even in dreams. This is very very difficult. This can be done only by various longstanding disciplines and by the grace of the Lord. In this third stage, if you fail, then there is no reason for you to be worried.

Pray to the Lord for his grace. Ultimately a person can win the lust and desires only if he realizes the Lord. Therefore we suggest you to try your level best in the spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual Hunger is the door to enter the paradise of the Lord and get His grace in the form of Spiritual Growth.

Leading a clean life with the practice of moral values, Prayer, Namajapa and Satsangh are means for guidance in spiritual life. Try them and wait for the Lord's Grace. He will certainly bless you with a Spiritual Guide and Renunciation. Offer your mind to Him and pray Him to manifest in your mind and make your life a purposeful one and with peace.

Regarding the joining of our Math,

1.In our Order, any monastic member will be initiated by our Spiritual Head. Since you are not willing to be initiated and chanting the Ramanam devotionally, it will be better for you not to join in our Order.

2. Even if you are ready to be initiated newly, since you have been asked to join in the Eropean Centre by our General Secretary Maharaj, you can join there only. You can’t join in Indian Centres. No branch centre will disobey the Headquarters suggestion.

So we suggest you to approach some other organization like Chinmaya Mission(Bombay H/Q), Divine life society(Hrishikesh) etc.

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Dear Swami,

" Different Mantras, when they are thus "living", show different signs, but the general sign is that one will be able to repeat it for a long time without feeling any strain and that his mind will very soon be concentrated. "

Taken from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda/Volume 7/Notes Of Class Talks And Lectures/On Mantra And Mantra-Chaitanya

How will a disciple know for sure that their Guru is a genuine one and that they are not wasting time chanting the mantra. Can we use the logic given by Swami Vivekananda?

If we are not strained at all and our mind automatically repeats the mantra, can we say for sure that the Guru is a spiritually advanced soul? and that we are going in the right direction.




Your quote from the Complete works of Swamiji, talks about many opinions about the Mantra chanting. These opinions are in the Tantric Scriptures. Swamiji quotes them objectively.

While practicing the mantra japa if we are not strained at all and our mind automatically repeats the mantra, we can say for sure that we are going in the right direction. But this state of mind is not the criterion in judging the Guru’s Spiritual Capacity.

We should understand that the role of the Guru in the Mantra Diksha. A Guru is just like a farmer in agriculture.

A farmer sows the best seed (according to his knowledge) in a cultivated land and nourishes the plant with water, manure etc and protects the plant from animals and birds. In the presence of conducive atmosphere only, any seed/plant can grow well. The growth of the plant does not depend on the farmer but it depends on the quality of seed and the quality of the land.

Similarly, here the Guru sows the seed called “Mantra” in our heart. Our heart is the land. Since any Mantra is the name of the Lord, it is powerful. If the land is well cultivated and free from desires for worldly pleasures and if the seed is nourished with moral values and devotion to the Lord then only the seed will grow without much delay. Also we have to protect the spiritual plant from the dangers like Lust/Anger/Greediness etc. We have to create a conducive atmosphere for its growth, by being moral and devoted. Here the Guru’s part is over just by sowing the seed in us. We have to work hard and try to nourish it.

Therefore, for our failures in spiritual life, we can’t blame our Guru. Because, any guru whose life is with purity and who is a devotee of the Lord and without any selfish motive deserves our worship. Nor can we judge his spiritual advancement. Since we are ignorant in the field of spirituality we can’t judge our Guru. Because, the rule is “a judging person must be more knowledgeable one than the judged one”. This is a fact in any field. The judge in the field of Law must be more knowledgeable than the people involved in the case.

In this spiritual journey, FAITH ALONE plays a major role. Have faith in your Guru, and the mantra given by him and pray to the Lord. But before taking somebody as your guru, you have every right to observe him and his personal life. If his life is with Purity, with Unselfish Love for you and with Devotion to the Lord, then and then only you can take him as your guru. But once you accept him as your guru, never try to judge him on the basis of any symptoms which you happen to see either in him or in you.

Chanting the Lord’s Name can never be the waste of time. Try to understand the purpose of Mantra Diksha and goal achieved by the chanting the Mantra. You can ask your guru himself if he is available. Or otherwise try to meet any monk and get personal clarification.

We have many Vedantic Centres in USA. Please click this link for the proper address. http://www.belurmath.org/centres/bns.htm

With prayers,

Yours in service,


Respected Sir,

I am a married woman with two grown up daughters. I am devotee of Sri Ramakrishna from my childhood. But I have not got opportunity to be initiated in any mantram, but still I do say goddess Khadgeshwari's name whenever I feel upset or in any difficult situation and I find solace. Some times, whenever I find time I read Sri lalitha sahastranamam and in the past I have found that reading that has helped me many times. Nowadays, I am not able to read it continuously keeping a regular time for that purpose.

My question is : Should we set aside a specific time to read sahasranamam or any scriptures? Can I read them in the night after my house hold duties are finished? We take our meals by 7 -7.30 in the night in our family and I cannot avoid taking food at that time. In the evenings as I have to prepare food, I cannot sit and practice any spiritual disciplines. Can I read the scriptures whenever I get time during the day, even if I have taken food?

As I grew up in a religious family, who used to observe the restrictions of not taking food till the Pooja is over, I feel that I cannot read any scriptures after meals and I am confused .

I request you to kindly guide me in this matter.

with regards,


Respected Mother,


You can happily read sahasranama/scriptures at any time.

But, please keep in mind that it should not be done with specific desires. It can be done for worshiping the Lord and for your spiritual growth. It should not be with particular worldly desires.

The prayers with worldly desires should be done with specific rules and at specific timings. Scriptural readings are very very essential in the spiritual growth and in understanding the reality of ourselves, of the Lord, of the world. So you can do it at any time.

Any attempt for the spiritual growth and to love the Lord, is blessed by the Lord's Grace. There is no business contract in that attempt. But if we want to do business with the Lord with specific desires, then we have to follow all the rules laid down by the Scriptures.

Continue all your spiritual practices with love for the Lord and you will receive His grace.

With prayers,

Yours in service



I e-mailed you awhile ago asking where I should go with my life and such. Since then, as you suggested, I have been reading works by Swami Vivekananda, Swami Brahmananda, and Sri Ramakrishna as well as visited the nearest center. I feel, although I am not certain as of yet, that monastic life may be my path. I want to know what I can do in terms of practice in my current situation. A lot of the teachings I have read about strongly suggest a guru and I understand why, but seeing as I am still a student and novice are there any things I can do to further or at least maintain my spiritual development until, if I do, decide to join the Order. I understand everyone needs different instructions, but I am just wondering about very basic steps, particularly in regards to jnani and raja yoga. I'm not sure what is safe to help my spirituality grow and what may hinder my spiritual growth since I have no discipline from a guru, only what I have read. Thank you for your time and advice.



Greetings from our Math and sadhus.

We are very happy to read your mail which shows your spiritual thirst.

At this juncture, we suggest that, you can try to follow these 5 disciplines.

1.Brahmacharya (Complete Celibacy – at physical, Oral and Mental levels). There can’t be any compromise/option with this basic value for any spiritual seeker.

2.Regular Reading of “Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda” (Jnana Yoga/Letters/Talks etc). Swamiji’s works contain the essence of all the Vedantic Teachings in a simple language.

3.Satsangh (frequent meetings with the monks of our Vedanta Society). This is the most important one. Thousands of books may not help us. But a Sadhu (monk)who lives the spiritual life has the capacity to ignite our spiritual fire. You need not consider them as your guru. But if you approach them with humility and real thirst, the Lord will guide you through any Sadhu.

4. Vichara Buddhi – Observation of all events/thoughts. Observe the world, your reactions to the situations and the mental modifications in your day to day, in the light of the Vedantic Teachings.

5. Prayer - Sincere prayer with straightforwardness is the Master Key for all blessings in spiritual life. When you pray to the Lord, you are actually contacting your own Real Self. You can contact IT through any form you like. Any sincere prayer will be answered.

Spiritual Hunger is the door to enter the paradise of the Lord and get His grace in the form of Spiritual Growth.

Leading a clean life with the practice of moral values, Prayer, Namajapa and Satsangh are means for guidance in spiritual life. Try them and wait for the Lord's Grace. He will certainly bless you with a Spiritual Guide and Renunciation. Offer your mind to Him and pray Him to manifest in your mind and make your life a purposeful one and with peace.

With prayers,


I am a 50 year old woman from __. I believe god very strongly. I always believe that whatever I get is Gods gift even if I get any problem I used to convince myself that god has given this small problem instead of big one. But last year my husband who was so healthy and strong passed away due to cardiac arrest; I have no financial problems, but I find myself in agony and sorrow. Please help me.


Respected Mother,


All beings have one particular Choice-less Situation. And that is, he/she has to die physically. Death is a fact with everything in the world. Even the Lord when He comes to this world with human form, has to die physically. But physical death does not mean the end of the person. According to our Scriptures, every jiva takes millions of birth and death in millions of lives. This life is to conquer the death through the love and wisdom of the God who happen to be the Immortal, the Deathless in His real nature. Unless a jiva understands this ultimate goal of life, it is subject to repeated death and birth and various sufferings.

So our Sages and Saints ask us to have a spiritual goal – attaining the Immortality through love and wisdom of God. Otherwise there is a chance to get attached to this impermanent world and the people in the world. We can’t make the impermanent one as a permanent thing. All the relationships however close they may be, have to come an end. This is fact of the life. You also know this fact. Try to accept this fact in your life. We came to this world as a lone being and going to depart as a lone being. In between we have developed various types of relationship with many. Of course the Husband-Wife relationship is the closest one. But that also has an end. We can’t alter this fact. Since we can’t alter this fact, we have to accept it and divert our mind in finding out the real purpose of this life namely, Love for the Lord.

The Lord is interested in showering his blessings on you. That is the reason he has created this situation in your life and made you to think. So we suggest you to pray to the Lord to give a mind which can love Him. Human being is ready to love near and dear ones, though; it involves lot of troubles and dejections. But refuses to recognize the importance of the love for the Lord, though, it is full of peace and happiness. That is the nature of our ignorant mind.

Offer your mind to Him and pray Him to manifest in your mind and make your life a purposeful one and with peace. Also we suggest you to read the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda for the general guidance for your spiritual life. Since you are going to our Math in Hyderabad, you can meet the sadhus and get personal guidance.

Prayer, Namajapa and Satsangh are means for guidance in spiritual life. Try them and wait for the Lord's Grace.

With prayers for your spiritual growth and peace of mind,

Yours in service,


Dear Swamiji,

Namaskar. Kindly let me know the answers for the following

1. Does human being need to trust Astrology & Numerology; if yes what percentage of the predictions can be true?

2. Does achievements in life depend on horoscope & past karma?

3. Is it possible for a human being to change his fate through hard work and prayer?

4. How to get rid of past karma ?



Below are the answers for your questions.

1. Human beings need not trust Astrology & Numerology. They are predictions based on a study called "Jyotisha". It can predict your past, present and future but it cannot determine/produce your future. It is like "rain prediction". It is predicted through a scientific way and you will come to know that the rain is going to come. But it can't produce/stop the rain.

At present the experts in astrology are very few. Even if they predict your future they can't help you in avoiding/improving your lot.

Human Beings actions alone are the determining factor for any success or failure. All other factors like astrology, horoscope, past karma, fate etc are only contributory factors. They can be changed through our Fresh Effort, Hard Work, Clean Life, and Following the Values in daily life and Prayers.

For you, our suggestion is please depend on your Self effort and blessings of the Lord. Lead a Clean Life with Values in your daily life, work hard and pray to the Lord for his blessings. You will achieve anything by these three great qualities. So, don't bother about the predictions of astrology or Numerology.

For more guidance, you can attend our Sunday Class (at3.30p.m.) which is specially conducted for the youths, in our Ashram.

Wish you all the best,


At present I am working in mobile communication field in a small firm. I have finished my engineering .My problem is that I feel bored of my job. Not only this, whatever Job I do, I feel lack of interest and my tendency is to live without having any tension.

From my early days I was like that. Even though I passed my academic days, I had poor marks. This too was due to some problem.

Now I am trying to change my attitude a lot but I feel as if its very tough to me. I had read bagavat gita, teachings of vivekananda. It really made me to change and inspired me a lot but I cannot keep my energy level constant. In some days i am come back to the same old situation. How could i keep complete control over my problem ?



In our life, control of the mind and giving the higher direction to the mind is the toughest job for every one.

Since mind is not given higher and concrete direction in the form of Spiritual Ideals it gets bored with the normal routine things.

Human mind should be engaged always in the purposeful pursuit. Find out what is that purposeful pursuit in your life. Generally people keep themselves busy up to the old age in the pursuit of money and family responsibilities. We don't know whether you are married or not. If you are married it is your bounded duty to take care of your family members. If you are still a bachelor and if you are already bored with the pursuit of money and sense pleasures then only option is turning your mind for spiritual ideals.

In general find out a reason why you are living for. There must be some reason. Either you should live for money or for family members or for sense pleasures. If your mind does not find any reason in these fields then the only solution is you should live for the spiritual ideals.

This life is to live. Without our permission we are asked to live here. It may be for some unknown reasons. We have to find out what it is. After finding out the reason for your Existence in this world, then tell your mind to work in that direction. You will never be bored and depressed.

Have a Goal and work for achieving that Goal. A Goal is the source of all inspirations in our life.

If you are staying in Bangalore please visit our Ashrama. We have separate classes for the youth on every Sunday at 3.30 p.m.

Also for personal guidance you can meet us with prior appointment.

With prayers for your purposeful and peaceful life,

Yours in service,

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