Service activities of Ramakrishna Math in Healthcare domain

Vivekananda Charitable Dispensary

Math has been providing medical services to the needy persons through the newly constructed "Vivekananda Charitable Dispensary".

Consultancy and Medicines are given free of cost.


Following Services are provided here:-

We earnestly appeal to the Doctors/ Lab Technicians/ Staff Nurses/ Paramedical Staffs to join our voluntary workforce in order to enhance the service activites.

This dispensary is open to the needy everyday between 8.00 AM & 12.00 PM within the math premises except on Sundays. Photos of Dispensary are here .

Eye Care Project

Eye Camp

Under this project, Math provides Free Cataract Surgeries to the poor. Needless to mention - in layperson's words - Cataract is a disease that takes away the vision of the patient. Fortunately, the remedy is a minor operation, which does not cost much.

Still, in India about 20 million people are suffering from this malady. As our humble response to this staggering figure, we are conducting Free Eye Camps since March 1999. Under this project we provide quality cataract surgery to anyone who needs it, irrespective of religion, caste & creed.

By the grace of Sri Ramakrishna, as of March, 2013 the math has conducted 20,084, cataract operations out of 54,311 screened patients through 659 camps held since 1999.

Eye Camps are held at the Math or at a suitable place, especially in Rural Areas, to identify the patients who need cataract surgery. Selected patients are taken to the hospital and are operated with IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) implant. Patients are then discharged the same evening. Patients who don't need surgery but have minor problems are provided with proper treatment accordingly.

Patients are provided with transportation, food and initial course of medicines on the day of surgery. Post-operative care is also provided at the venue of the camp. All of these are done at free of cost to the patients. Estimated Annual Expenditure on this activity is Rs 15 Lakhs.

Few images of Eye Camps are here .

Eye camp at math premises Eye camp at math premises