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Do you have Questions ?

Sincere Spiritual Seekers of all religions are welcome to clear their doubts on spiritual matters and any other allied subjects. Your doubts will be answered by the senior monks. The answers will be replied to you by e-mail.

Questioners are requested to send their name, age, gender, postal address, etc. along with the Questions; it will help us answer more effectively.

General questions will be published on website for the benefit of others, without revealing the questioner's details. If the questioner does not want the correspondence to be published, we may please be so informed.

Send your questions to:


We have made available entire collection of previously answered queries for the benefit of seekers and have made it searchable.

Please browse through the previously asked question sequentialy as below or use the search facility as given above.

You can also subimt a question to us using following form.

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